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Checking Your Equifax Credit Report: 8 Things to Look For

Written by Diane Moogalian on July 22, 2013 in Credit  |   156 comments

Summer might be the ideal time for a relaxing getaway, but that doesn’t mean you should take a vacation from monitoring both your credit report and credit score . As you settle into the season, remember to visit annualcreditreport.com to pull one of your free…

Credit report, credit score, Equifax credit reportSummer might be the ideal time for a relaxing getaway, but that doesn’t mean you should take a vacation from monitoring both your credit report and credit score .

As you settle into the season, remember to visit annualcreditreport.com to pull one of your free credit reports—including your Equifax credit report . That way you can conduct a mid-year credit check to see where your finances currently stand.

Lenders use the information in your credit report—like the type of accounts you have open, your available credit, and your payment history—to assess your risk as a consumer, so it’s important that your report contains current and accurate information.

Staying up to date with your credit report and score could also help you detect identity theft or fraud before it gets out of hand, wreaking havoc on your finances—and your emotional state.

Consider these eight questions to help you carefully and thoroughly comb through your credit report for a 2013 mid-year review:

1. Is your personal information correct?

Every credit report will include personal identifying information, including your name, address, Social Security number, date of birth, and employment details. Make sure that all of the personal information is accurate; check to ensure that your name is spelled correctly and your current is address listed.

While an error in your personal information may seem like a basic clerical mistake, it could mean that someone has compromised your identity. For example, someone may have used your identity to open new lines of credit, thereby adding a new name, address, or other personal information to your file.

2. Are there any issues or discrepancies in your trade lines?

Creditors report certain information on your trade lines (otherwise known as credit accounts), including the types of accounts, the dates you opened the accounts, your credit limits or loan amounts, the balances on the accounts, and your payment history for each account.

Make sure this information is correct for each creditor listed on your credit report. Inaccuracies could occur if a credit company has incorrectly reported your payments, but they also could be signs of identity theft.

3. Are all of your accounts in good standing?

Verify that all of your accounts are in good standing, which means you have paid at least the minimum on every account. If you find any negative information, such as debts that need to be paid down or collections that need to be paid off, you’ll be able to make a financial plan to address those issues.

4. Have negative accounts fallen off your credit report after the correct time span?

There are set time periods for how long negative credit information, like late payments, bankruptcies, and judgments, remains on a credit report. Make sure you are familiar with these timetables so you can ensure that negative accounts have fallen off your report after the correct period of time has elapsed.

In general, negative information will stay on your credit report for seven years from the date of last activity, while bankruptcies can appear on your credit report for 10 years from the date of last activity.

5. Do any of your inactive accounts show new activity?

Unfamiliar activity on an inactive account could be an identity theft red flag, but it’s also possible to see legitimate activity after you close an inactive account. Recent activity could still be posted on your credit report if the creditor reports activity, such as changing the report date or the account’s date of last activity.

6. Is there a line of credit that you did not open or that looks unfamiliar?

If a credit card you have not opened is listed on your credit report, your identity may have been stolen and used to open new lines of credit.

7. Is an unfamiliar account, or an account you recognize but did not think was overdue, delinquent or in collections?

One of your legitimate lines of credit could wind up in collections if an identity thief hijacked the account and had the bills forwarded to a different address. An unfamiliar account in collections could also be a sign of identity theft.

8. Are hard inquiries for which you did not apply listed on your credit report?

Potential creditors that are looking into your credit history before giving you a loan or extending a line of credit make what are known as hard inquiries. The inquiry information on your credit report generally covers the past two years. An inquiry for which you did not apply could be another indicator of identity theft.

If you do spot an error when reviewing your mid-year credit report, you can dispute the error with the credit reporting agency, which will then work to resolve the issue with you and the creditor. Equifax allows you to file a dispute online, by mail, or by phone. You can also directly contact the creditor involved with the error to resolve the dispute.

When communicating with a credit reporting agency or creditor, take detailed notes, including the names of the people you speak with, their titles, and the dates of the conversations. If you are told an error will be corrected, follow up to ensure that the correction is made.

Diane Moogalian is vice president of operations for Equifax Personal Solutions with responsibility for operational strategy and execution in support of customer care and fulfillment of credit and identity-related products for consumers. Prior to joining Equifax in 2007, Diane held several strategic roles with leading financial services companies. Diane graduated from the University of Richmond with a bachelor of science degree in business administration (marketing and economics) and earned a certificate in international business from Virginia Commonwealth University.

The information contained in this blog post is designed to generally educate and inform visitors to the Equifax Finance Blog. The blog posts do not give, and should not be assumed to provide, personalized tax, investment, real estate, legal, retirement, credit, personal financial, or other professional advice. Before making any financial decision, you should always consult with the appropriate professionals who can explain your options, rights, and legal responsibilities, and advise you on any tax, legal, credit, or business implications that may result from those decisions. The views and opinions expressed by the authors of blog posts are their own views and may not be the views or opinions of Equifax, Inc. and/or its affiliates.


  1. CURIOUS says:


    • charles g. *** tennessee says:

      This morning I purchased your monthly report on the 30 day free trial. I had already checked my report with some of the other free offers. Your report shows my score lower than the individual scores that I obtained elsewhere.
      the Transunion score is 12 points below. The Experian score is 9 points lower than their direct reports. This leads me to believe that when a Consumer signs up to get a current score, that you don’t investigate when it is ordered, but that you just take the old one already there. I have personally disputed some wrong information, and provided written proof to my claim, and gotten my scores raised. I am trying to buy a house, and you certainally aren’t helping me. I intend to delete my purchase offer pretty quickly, as your service is off the mark with outdated information.

      • neicyj22 says:

        I noticed the same thing, with experian they are like 25 points from the actual and transunion is off by almost 60 points. Why isn’t the info accurate?

        • EFX Moderator, KB says:

          Neicyj22, good question.

          Your credit scores are determined by a variety of factors, including the number of accounts you have, the types of accounts, your available credit, your payment history, and the length of your credit history. It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly why your credit scores are different because those differences can be related to these and other variables.

          To further answer your question, individual credit-reporting agencies use different scoring models, so even if they each have the same information about you, their calculators may reach different results.

          A difference in your three credit scores from the three nationwide credit reporting agencies is generally normal, but there may be cause for concern if the differences are caused by inaccuracies. So be sure to carefully review your credit report for an errors.

          Here is a link with more information: http://blog.equifax.com/credit/why-are-my-three-credit-scores-different/

          • D. Calabrese says:

            I had the same problem…I got my experian score from them the same day I purchased your report and the scores did not match. However, al the information on the reports matched. I don’t understand. I feel I wated 19.95 with your comapny.

          • Anonymous says:

            that’s bunk!

            your credit scores differ because the credit agencies use different formulas to calculate your score. The other two just happen to use a very similar formula.

        • Anonymous says:

          I noticed the same thing. I just checked all three
          credit agencies and the scores are way off by
          30/50 points. My credit score seems to be good. I can’t
          seem to get my score to the next level (excellent)
          The collection agencies won’t remove my paid accounts
          and that is the only thing affecting my score. What
          can I do to help increase my score?

      • Amy says:

        The same happened to me, I believe that this credit companies make money lying us and giving different score.

        • John says:

          Amy I agree. The credit rating companies are distorting the truth to cause consumers to spend money to improve what can’t be changed all you can do is be honest and pay you’re bills as agreed. Every american in the middle class has had issues. the fact is work with the creditors directly and never pay collection companies.

      • Hereldine Faceson. *** kcmo says:

        Hey I just read your comment and I fell you loud and clear this is the same problem I am having and you call and nothing changes, the problem I see is we don’t really know what our true scores are but this is what we are spending money to know I think this mess of all this models by different companies are truly taking advantage of people you can go to Equifax credit.com, CreditCheckTotal and ThinkCreditreports.com and all of them will show your scores on your three reports all different scores so you tell me how if there is only one Expedia one Equifax and one transunion then I think no matter what company you pull your scores from they should all show the same scores. because you can’t tell who is giving you the score that will be given if you try to purchase something they are just taking our money I believe I am like you I am thinking about canceling to because it is to costly to still really not know.

      • Sharon says:

        if you don’t mind me asking what other free offers/websites you used to obtain accurate credit info?

      • Anonymous says:

        I am having the same problem it is reporting Two months behind on all of my balances
        it doesn’t make sense they show the payments made for the right month but but the wrong balance owed we are paying for this service to keep a updated report but this is not being done in our best interest and I think that wrong.

    • charles g. *** tennessee says:

      This morning I purchased your monthly report on the 30 day free trial. I had already checked my report with some of the other free offers. Your report shows my score lower than the individual scores that I obtained elsewhere.
      the Transunion score is 12 points below. The Experian score is 9 points lower than their direct reports. This leads me to believe that when a Consumer signs up to get a current score, that you don’t investigate when it is ordered, but that you just take the old one already there. I have personally disputed some wrong information, and provided written proof to my claim, and gotten my scores raised. I am trying to buy a house, and you certainally aren’t helping me. I intend to delete my purchase offer pretty quickly, as your service is off the mark with outdated information.

    • Friendly Citizen says:

      LexingtonLaw.com is the premier source for help in this matter.

      • Hereldine Faceson. *** kcmo says:

        No Lexington Law is not the way to go I used the for over a year and at 99.00 a month and they only say they only do one item at a time good lord you would go broke and get nowhere

        • Anonymous says:

          My experience with Lexington Law has been positive. Yes $99 per month does seem like a lot of money to basically send letters, but they are very effective. I had a lot of old negative trash on my reports and they made it go away. I consider the money well spent. When our AC unit needed replaced a in the summer and we needed to finance a new furnace/AC, it was no problem. Before LL it might not have been possible.

    • FaithPumping2014 says:

      Yes it will show up as negative on your report,as I paid half of a bill and it shows up as negative on my credit report but it best to keep your ducks in a row and what I mean is to check,recheck and triple check what’s on your credit and the score card.



  3. Rebecca H says:

    I just found out by security questions that I apparently got a home loan in 2010 that I did NOT get. My credit has been crappy since my divorce in 2006. I’ve ordered free reports. If I find out WHO opened a loan in my name, can charges be filed against them???

    • EFX Moderator, KB says:

      Rebecca, you should verify that the account was open by looking at your credit report. If you don’t recognize each inquiry, that’s a red flag which may signal that someone is using your identity to borrow money against your name. And yes, you may have legal options if you find out for sure who did it.

      Here is a link with more information on monitoring your credit report, and where there may be red flags: http://blog.equifax.com/credit/monitor-your-credit-report-for-identity-theft-red-flags/ Best of luck.

    • Will says:

      The identity verification questions are not always correct. For example, if you have a relatively thin credit report, there may be miscellaneous questions that show up for identity verification where the correct answer is “none of these” because it’s referencing a non-existing item.

      Chances are good this is what happened with you, although there is certainly the possibility of identity theft. If there’s not a mortgage on your report — at least not one that shouldn’t be there — that sounds like potential fraud. It very well could be an item that belongs to someone else, too, that mistakenly was reported to your report.

      These are all good reasons to keep an eye on your reports.

    • Loretta Reid says:

      My security question showed the same thing, a mortgage I don’t have, but then I remembered that we had co-signed for our single daughter to purchase a home, therefore it shows on our credit report as if it is our mortgage because we signed that we would be liable if she became negligent.

    • Russell A says:

      I had the same problem. Could not access my equifax credit report because of these wrong questions (even though i checked the “none of the above” box!!??) This led me to believe that someone had possibly committed identity theft under my name. I filed fraud alert with Equifax then I bought a membership (cost me $35) to Experian (they report all three credit agencies if you buy their membership) in order to get my Equifax report. As it turned out there was NOTHING about a mortgage or a car loan on my Equifax. All four verification questions referenced an imaginary credit line. I find this sort of behavior to be fraudulent in itself. Just another way for these reporting agencies to get consumers to purchase services from them in my opinion!! Now I have wasted $35 AND have a fraud alert flag on this account! Given the amount of increased identity theft in this day and age, I feel that a better system of getting disclosure is needed than having to resort to “snail” mail. Especially considering how time is of an essence when trying to resolve an identity theft issue. I am currently attempting to purchase a new house and this “set back” is causing major problems in this process!

  4. Tresa Bunch says:

    Why does Equifax not offer a free credit score with the annual credit report?

  5. Joann M. says:

    How do I check for accounts that were charged off and are the statute of limitations on my credit reports?

    • EFX Moderator, KB says:

      Joann good question. It’s important to look at your credit report to make sure the information is correct. Click here for information on how long information stays on your credit report.

  6. Anonymous says:

    @Tresa – i was thinking the same thing.

  7. Gabriela G says:

    I am trying to get Equifax to delete a comment stating that an item is in dispute. I have been requesting it from the creditor as I am no longer wanting to dispute or investigate the charges but have been unsuccessful as they don’t have record of the account anymore. The only thing that I am requesting is to remove that I disputed the item. This was done 4 years ago and it is delaying my closing for a mortgage loan today. Who do I contact at Equifax to get this resolved in a timely manner? I thought the disputes were only supposed to stay for 30 days. I disputed the item four years ago.

    • Ginger apples says:

      I’d like to know the same thing. Can we get an answer here, please

      • EFX Moderator, KB says:

        You can pull a copy of your Equifax credit report (if you don’t have one already) and call the number at the bottom of the report for assistance. You will need a copy of your report in hand to address a dispute matter. Best of luck.

    • mar duke says:

      Go to top folks with lenders and wear them out to remove as without any records they CANNOT keep it on your report. I had this issue years ago on school loans and a c card. I ended up after 5bplus months of calls and request and getting different people and some top executives with one having all negative reports removed. WELL WORTH THE EFFORT AND DON’T GIVE UP..also be nice otherwise they will blow you off.

  8. Angela says:

    How can my husband and I prevent companies from sending us offers for credit card and loans?? I have heard you can request no one check your credit but that it would cost $10. With both of us and three reporting agencies that would be $60. Is there another way??

    • Sheila says:

      You may request that consumer credit reporting companies exclude your name from lists for pre-approved, unsolicited credit and insurance offers. To find out more, you can call 1–888–5OPTOUT (1–888–567–8688).

  9. donna says:

    If someone stole my social security number and opened credit card accounts, i am not responsible for paying those, correct?

  10. Alethea says:

    I’ve recently been denied credit by two different creditors and their reason for denial is: delinquency in payment history and they list the source as Equifax. I have an account with Equifax and I frequent my account at least monthly but I don’t see what the creditors are referencing. When the creditors request my report do they see something different than what I see on my Equifax account/report?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Not enough clearly written information. Why don’t you give a credit score along with the report?

  12. Anonymous says:

    I have an account in collections and number one it’s an error and makes no sense. I am a current Verizon customer and the debt is a Verizon account but regardless this amount which they show is an amount from 2004 I believe when Verizon charged me for repairs and new equipment but later gave me a whole new line when they discovered it was their error and reversed all the fees but had moved everything to the new account and line. The collection company says the date is not from the original person but from when they received the debt and started to try to collect.
    Verizon has nothing on this as it was almost 10 years ago I started the new line (these are both land lines same house!) WHen does the date start..does it keep starting over every time it goes to a new creditor?

  13. William Hanshaw says:

    Hard to get an answer on my credit

  14. Jay says:

    Seven years is too long to have negative information reporting. Even if the debt has been resolved. A way of life and how big company make money.

    • Ronos says:

      Here’s what is even worse. Collections can hound you for six and a half years, then get a judgment against you for another 10 years (depending on state), and then get an additional 10 years by filing an extension which will be granted as long as the bill hasn’t been paid in full. They’re allowed 25+ years to destroy you.

      • Faith says:

        Yes this is sad. I am working on a case like this. So far I have made some positive progress, it takes time.

        I also wish while people are renting instead of buying a home or apartment, positive information is reported. The only time a rental apartment agency reports your payment is when you don’t pay.

  15. Eddie says:

    trying to contact a live person on Equifax is a joke, just try, you will pull your hair out. lets try the old way you contact me.


    • EFX Moderator, KB says:

      Eddie, we would like to help address your matter. Please submit your matter/inquiry, along with your legal name, city/state, and email address used for your Equifax registration, to equifaxsupport@facebook.com so that a Customer Support agent can respond to you directly.

      • Vivienne Hall says:

        Vivienne Hall
        How do you clear your credit report of the accounts and debts you have paid off? I understand it harms your credit score.
        And once again how do you talk to a REAL PERSON at Equifax. Need to talk to a human not a machine.

  16. Shaun W says:

    Why is the credit score on Equifax site higher than what’s reported to banks creditors?

  17. Deb D says:

    I have an account on my credit report that is not mine, it’s a Wal-Mart charge account. The account in question was my husbands and I was never an authorized user on this account how it ended up on my report is a mystery to all involved but not only that the account wasn’t and isn’t in bad standings it has been closed since 2007 the problem is I was reported deceased since 2007… I am working on getting that off but what I’m wondering about is all the inquiries that are on my report it seems that when I applied for a loan it obviously comes up deceased and instead of someone telling me their findings they continue doing inquiries with other companies in hopes of a different outcome. Since this is a domino effect, I disputed a bunch of those inquiries are they going to be removed??

  18. Joey says:

    I am trying to raise my score. And ive payed off several things. My score went down, like i thought it would. But it is still not coming up. So, how is the best way to get my score up the quickest way?

    • EFX Moderator, KB says:

      Joey, good question. There are ways you can improve your credit score and get your creditworthiness in shape.
      Click here to get started on increasing your creditworthiness today. Best of luck.

  19. Gail says:

    I will soon pay off my mortgage. Its original balance ($85,000) represents 2/3 of the “credit available” portion used in calculating my credit score. How will paying this off affect my credit score? The other $40,000 of “credit available” (the other 1/3) is credit cards paid in full each month.

  20. John says:

    Follow up on why mortgage lien balance considered ‘credit available’:

    Why is Home Equity not considered ‘credit available?’

    This, one-sided ‘heads we win, tails you loose’ arrangement appears discriminatory ?

  21. Jason says:

    I have no “true credit” cards but I do have an American Express Card. My highest Amex bill was around 20k, but it was paid off that month, and the report shows that the balance is zero. How is that possible? All of my debt to credit ratios are WAY high, but I have nothing to carry a balance on.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, in all I’ve put about 100k on the card this year and it has ALL been paid in full at the end of each month. How is this not helping my score go through the roof? I also have a business line of credit with an 80k limit which I’ve done the same with. Spend 60k, pay it off in two months time. (and the business line isn’t even on the report)

      • Smiley says:

        This is not helping your credit score because you are paying the balance off to soon. In order for the creditors to believe that you are reliable you should pay on your balances for at least 3-4 months before paying the balance off completely. This allows the creditors to see your worthiness and ability to make payments on time. This goes the same for Jason.

    • Anonymous says:

      Paying high interest rates to improve your credit score doesn’t make any sense either. Keep paying your debts in full and your number will correct itself. Or try making weekly payments before it is due and pay the account in full before the end of the month to avoid interest. It sounds stupid. It is ridiculous, but apparently the credit agencies like it. Go figure.

  22. Cindy Sue says:

    The article states:
    ‘There are set time periods for how long negative credit information, like late payments’-
    I get confused on this, does this mean that I can have just the negative past dues removed from an account only, there by keeping the account showing and all of the positive info?

  23. Tera Jayne says:

    A long time ago credit companies used generally around the same model.. Which quite honestly was bad for business so most companies decided to make their own scoring model to be used with a report.. The new scoring models would not only bring in the company more money from sales of their own score but it would also give them the availablity of coming to a more accurate decision credit. The credit bureaus are unbiased companies so they do not grant or deny credit… So naturally the credit bureas are going to have a score that does not favor any one part of the credit more than the standard calculation… Credit companies whether it be for credit cards, auto loans, mortgages, etc are going to have scoring models that fit their needs.. For example, a mortgage company may have it in their model to where the length of time an account has been opened/length of time since establishing credit to be more favorable than say… Your balances. A mortgage is typically 15/30 years(depending)… Any mortgage company that is worth dealing with is probably not going to give a $100,000 mortgage to someone who has low balances and a reliable payment history but has only has had credit for around 6-8months… But they may give the same loan to someone who has maybe around 7-8 years of credit with mid-high balances(obviously if their credit score is in approval range)… The length of time since credit hs been establish may be say 10% with one company that does not rely on a long history to determine the likelyhood of repayment(small credit/charge cards) but a company that relies on it a bit(auto/mortgage) may have it sitting at 25%(these are random numbers, not credit agency specific)

  24. Ms Help Needed says:

    when chapter 7 bankruptcy is discharged, what should not be report in your credit report by your creditors. can creditors show your account as a collection or charge-off account, open, etc. why do all three credit bureaus report 3 different scores.

    • david says:

      I have the same question about charge offs after b/k but the moderator hasn’t answered the question and this is Oct.

    • EFX Moderator, KB says:

      Ms Help Needed and David, those are good questions.

      The public record of a bankruptcy will generally continue to appear on your credit report for 10 years after the filing date. The individual debts included in the bankruptcy, such as credit accounts, may fall off your credit report seven years and 180 days from the start of the delinquency. This means you may see individual accounts removed from your report before you see the record of the bankruptcy disappear. Here is a link with more information on what to know about bankruptcy: http://blog.equifax.com/credit/what-to-know-when-filing-for-bankruptcy/

      As for why your scores differ between the three credit reporting agencies, know that your credit scores are determined by a variety of factors. Those factors include the number of accounts you have, the types of accounts, your available credit, your payment history, and the length of your credit history. It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly why your credit scores are different because those differences can be related to these and other variables. Here is a link that explains why your credit scores may be different: http://blog.equifax.com/credit/why-are-my-three-credit-scores-different/

  25. Mike B says:

    I have available revolving credit of 60,000 with a balance of 2,000. Is this actually hurting my score and should I close it?

    I can not seem to break the 720 barrier. At 693….


  26. Anonymous says:

    Ijust got off the phone with a rep. for equifax. didnt get her name,but she was very helpful and got all things I asked taken care of thanks very much to who ever she was for being nice an helpful.

  27. Morris der Kat says:

    In the Comments section of a Credit report provided by my home loan lender, I have a “Consumer Statement” that I entered last year when my Credit One credit card was used in England to buy pizzas and video games. The investigation was in my faovr, but I added a COMMENT for a fraud alert.

    Now my home loan app is being held up because of this COMMENT for a fraud alert that NEVER expires in the Comment section.

    How can I get this off or Edit my Equifax COMMENT section? I know it’s EQUIFAX becuase the code BQ1 is yours on my report and the lender said so.

    Please help! We are trying to close escrow next week and this is BIG problem, even though it is just a COMMENT.

    How can I access that Comment field?

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE respond soon! Our home loan app is sitting until this gets resolved!

    Thank you! I mean really, really thank you!

    Best regards,


  28. Erica Kane says:

    How do I remove items that are over 7 years old?

    The list of “reasons to dispute” should contain an option for “remove account due to statue of limitations”.

    • EFX Moderator, KB says:

      Erica Kane, that’s a good question.

      It’s hard to tell because how long information remains on your credit report varies.

      Accounts paid as agreed will generally stay on your credit report for up to 10 years from the date of last activity.

      However, how long negative information appears on your credit report depends on the type of information. Such as late paid accounts, judgements, tax liens, bankruptcies, etc.

      Here is a link with more information on how long certain information stays on your credit report: http://blog.equifax.com/credit/how-long-does-information-stay-on-my-credit-report/

  29. Tom says:

    How often is the credit scores from equifax, transunion and experian updated?

  30. Thelma Garrett says:

    My husband and I do not share the same last name. Our total mortgage shows under my name and states the balance is over twice as much as it should be. (I, personally, paid $72K on June 17, 2013 to finish paying what I consider to be my half of the mortgage while my husband continues to pay the remainder monthly. My credit report reflects that my debt to credit ratio is 98%. This is not true for at least two reasons: (1) I paid the $72K which reduced the balance to less that $67-69K AND, more importantly, (2) The debt to credit ratio does NOT reflect my husband’s income nor does any of his credit information show on my report (which is fine with me as my net worth is totally independent of him). I feel that if Equifax is going to consider the entire mortgage as “my” debt, then they should also show my husband’s salary as part of my income. As it is, my income is more than sufficient to carry the full debt but my investment income is not shown on the credit report either. How long does it take for such a large payment to show on the major credit reporting companies records?

  31. Upset No-Debtor says:

    I have been notified by a ligitation firm that I owe a creditor money. This supposedly has been turned over to collections 3 times with a restraining order on me to not contact the company pursuing payment – HSBC Orchard. When I contacted HSBC Orchard, they have no record and Capital One (which acquired all HSBC Orchard accounts 6/2013) has no record. Capital One suggested that I run a credit report. My credit is impeccable with no flags of any collections EVER!! Is it possible to go thru all of that and it NOT show up on my credit report? I feel that there is some fraud going on!!

    • EFX Moderator, KB says:

      Upset No-Debtor, so sorry to hear about your situation. It sounds like something is off here. Often an account you did not know existed will also show up in collections because a scammer isn’t likely to do you the favor of paying the bills he or she accrues. But it’s also possible to see an account you do own wind up in collections. A credit card or line of credit you rarely use could have been stolen and used while the thief had all the bills forwarded to a new address. Utility or phone accounts fraudulently opened in your name could also end up in collections.

      If you spot any of these red flags, you should take immediate action. Start by contacting the police to file a report, and also consider calling the FTC’s identity theft hotline to file a complaint.

      Here is a link with more information on identity theft red flags: http://blog.equifax.com/credit/monitor-your-credit-report-for-identity-theft-red-flags/

      Best of luck.

  32. T. 20 says:

    Do I need to pay you to correct my report. I have had sow much trouble with anything in my life even when you have the information and have sent it 2x’s

    • EFX Moderator, KB says:

      T. 20, we want to help resolve your issue.

      If you think any of the information in your credit file is incomplete or incorrect, you can notify the credit reporting agency directly, to initiate a dispute, free of charge. At Equifax, you can file a dispute online, by mail or by phone. Click here if you want to start the process.

  33. ser says:

    Hi I just registered for this service, When I initially signed up I received a score of 694. My Credit Card Debt Ratio was about 25%, I paid off a chunk of my credit cards and now have a 2% Debt Ratio. Why did my score go down to 688? When I did you estimate score program, it said if I paid off all that debt my score would go up to about 704… Wondering what happened?

    • EFX Moderator, KB says:

      Ser, good question.

      Your credit score is a number based on different factors in your credit history, including: payment history, amounts owed and available credit balances, length of credit history, new credit account and types of credit.

      To get more information on how to understand your credit behavior, click here.

  34. F. Navors Dallas, Texas says:

    I am trying to help my grandson, who has terrible credit, by trying to co-sign on a auto loan. I am being told by the dealer that I need to have my name first on the loan in order to get a good interest rate. Also they said it would not affect my credit if my name is first and would help his credit still. I disagree. I was also told by the credit union that I could be put on as the guarantor, which would still back up the loan and make sure it would be paid. If a problem should come up with the payment being late my credit would be affected first if I am shown as the applicant and he is shown as the co-applicant. Can you straighten this out please so I can help him the best way. Thanks.

  35. Charles T. Garrett says:

    After paying into your “Equifax Complete Advantage Plan”, my three scores as of 9/28/2013, were listed as Equifax 655, Transunion 672, and Experian 662. When I applied for a car loan through CarMax, Equifax informed them my credit score was 534 (101 points less than what I have been told). Moving on, Exeter Finance was told by TransUnion that my credit score was 536 as of 9/14/13, not the 672 that was indicated to me when I paid for all three scores on your website on 9/28/2013. Last but not least, Experian also passed my credit score to another potential lender saying it was 538. But the icing on the cake came when Experian informed a company called Santander Consumer USA that my credit Score was 0.

    I am extremely frustrated in that I cannot get a human being on the phone to discuss this travesty and if I don’t get someone to call and rectify this situation soon, I will find other ways of getting this resolved. This is wrong and if it cannot be handled here then I will find I will find someone who isn’t as impotent as those I’ve tried to talk to in the past.

    • N. Robinson says:

      Charles T.

      I am having a similar situation. I purchased the Equifax family plan and I check my report often and my score will be a 625 today and a 534 tomorrow. and back up in the 600’s the next day. there is nothing changing on my credit report from day to day, but my score is up and down like a rollercoaster EVERY, I mean EVERY day. I can not get approved for anything like this.

  36. peakacu says:

    My mortgage and other loans are paid off and have disappeared from my report. This seems to be a negative and adversely effects my score. Is there any way to restore any of these loans – especially my mortgage – to my report?

  37. eddie says:

    Is there a way to ask the 3 credit bureaus a general information question? I have nothing to dispute but want to ask a question about hard inquiries. I have done a lot of research and have found answers that are 180 degrees opposite to each other. I had a batch of 16 inquiries within a 14 day period when I needed to buy a car in an emergency situation (accident totaled my current car) with less than sterling credit. Once camp says those inquiries stay on my report AND affect my score for 2 years. The other camp says the stay on my report for 2 years but only affect my score for one year. Which is it?

    • EFX Moderator, KB says:

      Eddie, that’s a great question. Generally speaking, credit reporting agencies will report inquiries for one to two years, depending on the reason your credit report was accessed. The different inquiries include; promotional inquiries, account monitoring or account review inquiries, personal inquiries and hard inquiries.

      Certain state laws may also impact how long information stays on your credit report.

      Here is a link with more information to find out how long it will remain on your credit report: http://blog.equifax.com/credit/how-long-does-information-stay-on-my-credit-report/

  38. Chantillg says:

    I recently purchased a vehicle and they ran my credit through 8 different sources. Do all of these count as hard inquiries and will it take 2 years for all of them to drop?

  39. Anonymous says:

    I have been trying to buy a house and was one day away from closing. When it went to underwriting, they noticed i had “consumer dispute” notations on about 6 old accts. I have been working for the past 2 months with the creditors and Equifax to get these notations removed. The past 2 weeks i have had 4 reps including a Supervisor named “Jim” tell me that they were being deleted and even sent me 4 new credit files that each acct. The previous statements attached to the accts were being deleted. but on the same credit file the notations of “consumer disputes” are still there. This is rediculous to have to fight this kind of fight for 2 months. I am paying for credit monitoring thru equifax and as far as i can see there are no disputes but when my mortgage lender pulls my credit they are still there under Equifax.

    Can someone “out there ” Explain…

  40. LaTanya says:

    I have been working through credit repair and I was told that what they see I should be in the approval range to purchase a home. I went and pulled my credit and saw that I would qualify but I pulled it through a consumer agency. When I went through Equifax and pulled all three I am seeing that I am still a few points away from qualifying. Why don’t we get to use the same scoring models as the mortgage to see exactly what is on the report?

    • EFX Moderator, KB says:

      LaTanya, that’s a good question. Most companies that provide credit scores offer three-in-one score products. They pull the data from current Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion credit reports and send it through their respective score models. As a result, even if the credit data (inputs) is the same, the credit scores (outputs) may differ among these companies.

      If your score differs among credit-reporting agencies, even if you pull the three scores on the same day, it may be because the score model used is different.

      Here is a link with more information: http://blog.equifax.com/credit/why-are-your-credit-scores-different/

  41. Anonymous says:

    can i get my closed accounts removed from my report?…its been 5 plus years not 7 …if so how would i go about that

    • EFX Moderator, KB says:

      Good question. Closing an account does not remove it from your credit report. Even if you close an inactive account, you could still have recent account activity posted on your credit summary if the creditor reports something to the reporting agencies, like a change in the report date or the account’s date of last activity, for example.

      The exact length of time the closed account appears on your credit report, however, will depend on the payment history of the closed account. Here is a link for more information: http://blog.equifax.com/credit/how-long-do-closed-accounts-stay-on-my-credit-report/

  42. Borzoo Yazdanfar says:

    I was wondering why some of my collection accounts are shown twice….for instance I was charged off/or account was sold to a third party why are both companies allowed to show the debt….so for example i owed Chase $3500 they sold it to a collection agency now both report it.
    On my negatives accounts it shows I have 8 but really its 4 plus the companies that the debt was sold too….I’ve disputed this over and over but all 3 credit agencies keep okaying them.
    So I guess my questions are A. Can a debt be shown by original creditor when they have clearly sold it to someone else.
    B. How badly does it affect my credit. C. How can I correct this. D. If I dispute a charge does the end date reset from the day I last paid or from dispute…I.E. If I had a charge off from 10/2007 technically my 7 years is up on 10/2014 if I dispute it on on 10/2013 does it still come off on 10/2014 or does it now reset to 10/2020?
    Thank you

    • K-T says:

      A. A debt can be shown by the original creditor, and any company who owns the account. they cannot re-age the debt though.. It’ll still fall off at the same time..
      B. It’s really hard to give an accurate rating.. It’s more than just the transferred accounts that affect you.. It’s based on a lot of percentages..
      C. If the accounts were transferred and the new creditors are reporting then there is really nothing to correct.. Although.. If the accounts don’t belong to you.. There is the option of disputing whether it is online or phone or mail..
      D. If you dispute it, they can’t change the date it falls off to the date the dispute was done.. The date that gauges when it falls off is either the date when you first went 30 days past due or when the account was last active.. As in you closing the account.. Or paying on the account.. Etc…
      E. D and E are the same questions.. But no… If the DLA/DFD(as I like to call them) is in 10/2007 then the account will come off in october of 2014.. Unless the account becomes active again or the date of first delinquency was wrong in the first place..

  43. fran says:

    I have several charge off items in my report and those items also come up as filed in bankruptcy. My question is are they charge offs or bankruptcy items? Everything else shows bankruptcy.

  44. Trisha Dorsey says:

    There is accounts that are on my account which are closed and paid off. However they are still there. How can I get it removed off my report

  45. Daniel Pauli , please use dp says:

    Generally, credit reporting agencies do a poor job of dealing with self-employed people., Especially landlords.. Example, use you c/c and put $5,000 on it, but raise the rent [imcome] by $100 /month,[annual $1200] and you get a 20% return,, but a negative response on your credit report! And now a question, how to get acknowledgement for rental income on your report? And finally, in my city, utilities report as a new account every time you put the utilities in the owners name , sometimes for just a couple of weeks, or a month, and one time I had 10 new accounts listed as opening, and a corresponding drop of credit score, this is stupid, there should be some kind of recognition to this problem,, when I complained , and asked of my local utility, they said it is their policy to report each and every activity.

  46. Evelyn Pagan says:

    2 questions
    1. There is a judgement for something that I do not owe. It was a individual credit card account that my ex-husband had but it is showing in my credit. I have old credit files that show it was an individual acct how do I get this removed.

    2. Also the house that was foreclosed on was sold. Why is it still showing on my credit?

  47. UpsetOverThis says:

    I received a letter from a credit card company last week, asking me to pay an amount immediately or I would be incur additional late charges. This was from a company that I did not have a credit card with. I called the credit card company and explained that I had not applied for this credit card, and they said they would canx the account and I would not be liable for the charges. This credit card acct. was opened, per the person I spoke with, in Aug. 2013. I have a credit monitoring service with Bank of America, called Privacy Assist; there had been no mention of this credit card on my monthly report from them; when I called them, they also showed no record of this application. I have several questions: why didn’t the monitoring service have info on this credit card application, and if the credit card company had my address (which they did since I received the late due notice letter), why did I not receive any bill on the charges made under my name?

  48. farhad says:

    I had sent a PAPER request to EQUIFAX in OCTOVER 2013, have not received my report, and there is no person to talk to. How else can I get my report? the online system could not identify me, the questions did NOT apply to me..

  49. Concerned says:

    Today went on line to request a free credit report for Equafax. The verification page has questions which is meant to confirm your correct identity.

    It asked me about a home loan – yet I do not have a home loan. Sept. (2010)

    It asked me about an auto/lease – yet I do not have an auto lease (2012)

    It refused to allow me to view my report, of course… Currently having no issues with applying for credit but was surprising…

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve had the same issue. Those same exact questions that also do not apply to me. I answered “None of the Above” on all and it wouldn’t let me past. I’ve tried multiple times, always the same questions, still not able to see my credit report through Equifax. TransUnion and Experian allowed me to, and nothing about auto/mortgage loans show up on those, so it’s not as if my identity has been stolen. Just Equifax being incorrect. I’ve tried to do an online dispute through Equifax, but you must have your credit report number to do so, which you don’t have if you can’t get through the verification questions.

      • spurge says:

        The answer is simple. Money
        Last year I had similar questions to which I replied “none of the above” to all of them. Because of these questions I panicked and ordered a one time report from Equifax.
        The report didn’t indicate any of the items listed in the questions!!!
        I had my daughter check and she also got similar questions that didn’t apply to her! such questions are to get you to do what I did (PAY)

  50. Cecil says:

    I have credit monitoring accounts with all three Bureau. I spend alot of money each month to ensure that no negative info is placed on my report by vultures who would put negative stuff there simply because they have your social. This has worked very well for me and over the past 3, 4 years I have kept my credit file pretty clean. However, the biggest issue with all three bureau is that their information may be the same but there is significant discreprencies in the scoring and how in fact the scoring system is applied by each Bureau.If your score happens to drop for whatever reason, it takes forever to recapture the points you have lost despite what you record is regarding payments etc. I feel that there needs to be a more non pro business agency that has a simple system that consumers can understand.

  51. links says:

    “Collection accounts generally remain on your credit file for seven years from the date the account first became past due, leading to the account’s placement with a collection agency”

    “In general, negative information will stay on your credit report for seven years from the date of last activity, while bankruptcies can appear on your credit report for 10 years from the date of last activity”

    The 1st quote seems to mean the 7 year clock is from the original delinquency date while the 2nd quote seems to mean once paid off the 7 year clock starts when paid.

  52. Anonymous says:

    I have purchased all 3 of the credit scores yesterday. Today it is only showing my Equifax score? any reason why? I signed up to receive them all month.

  53. Eddie says:

    when trying for an auto loan, in which i was approved, there were many inquiries that turned up on my credit report. at the time i authorized only 3 banks that i would prefer to use. however my info was sent to 10 or more. how can i get those inquiries off my report. its dropping my score and i cant afford any drops.

  54. Taryn says:

    I have $9,000 in student loans that are currently in deferment. I have taken that money that I’m not paying interest on and placed it in savings where it is drawing interest for me. When I finish school I intend to take the money out of savings and pay off the loan before it comes out of deferment so I do not have to pay interest and I actually made money off of it. My problem is, other than these student loans and one credit card that I keep my usage below 20% on, I do not have any credit. I am trying to establish and build credit and raise my score. any tips? Because my student loans are $9,000 and my one little credit card has only a $500 limit my score is reflecting a high debt/credit ratio. Would paying my student loans down help this?

  55. Sharon says:

    I consider myself a responsible person who pays bills on time almost 100% of the time, but because I am human, I have missed a payment or two on a credit card but as soon as I realized the oversight, I immediately paid the bill! But, this oversight was promptly posted as a negative to the credit bureaus and lowering my score even though it was paid in full. I would like to know why a person and others like myself, are punished for 7 long years, with little or no recourse to have this removed from our credit reports. Most car thieves serve much less jail time!

    • Tom says:

      The late payment stays on the report for 7 years but it will not affect you that long. I had the same thing happen. Generally after 2 years have passed without any late payments your score will go up quickly. I show two late payments on credit cards two years ago and my score is over 700. Once the two years passed with no late payments my score jumped about 20 points. The two late payments still show up on my report but they no longer hinder my score. The only advice that I could give is just be patient. Keep monitoring your score and you will see that after 6 months, 1 year, and two years you will see the score go up as long as you do not have any additional late payments.

  56. Elizabeth says:

    While looking at my reports from all three agencies, I do not show any collections on my credit report. I am trying to buy a house and my mortgage guy’s credit report shows I have 4 items in collection on the report they are looking at. How can that be different from what I am seeing?

  57. K Hays says:


    I am a 22-year-old female. I am trying to establish credit and I have, over the past two-plus years successfully opened a Kohl’s charge card ($500 limit) and a Bank of America Visa Card ($300 limit). I also have two Federal Student Loans (total $7,500 currently). My students loans are in deferment while I am in school and I pay off my Kohl’s and Bank of America accounts each month.

    Additionally, back when I was in high school and still living with my parents, my dad gave me access to a Visa card in his name (the actual card I carried in my wallet had my own name but I was only an authorized user on his account). I never made one charge on my Visa card the whole time I had it as it was just for emergencies. I was only 16 years old at the time also. Long story short, my parents were forced into bankruptcy in 2012 and that Visa account (for which I haven’t had access to for more than 4 years – my card expired way back when and my dad didn’t replace it) was part of the initial collections and then, ultimately, their bankruptcy. Yet, this account shows up on my credit report as if I was the one who didn’t pay the bill even though it was not my account (but my father’s who allowed me access). How do I get this information off of my credit report and will it help my credit score to do so?

    Please advise.

    • K Hays says:

      Additional Information:

      The Account Type is Revolving.
      The Payment Responsibility reflects as Terminated.
      Date opened: 10/2007
      Balance Date: 09/2012
      Balance Amount: $0
      High/Limit: $5,000
      Account Status: Collection
      Past Due Amount: $0

  58. Cynthia says:

    There have always been one or two items on the security questions that were not correct for me and I have to select none of the above. I always thought that might be a way of attempting to keep someone who is not me from obtaining a copy of credit report. I have never seen anything on my credit report that was not correct. How concerned should I be?



    • Learn Etiquette says:

      Seriously? All CAPS? You seem like the kind of person who has frequent problems when dealing with people…

  60. CC Grant says:


    I have a high credit score, in fact the only problem shown was “insufficient information about mortgage accounts.”

    The summary reflects “0” mortgage accounts. Then the report begins with 7 clearly marked mortgage accounts. All are paid off, and fairly recently (2012). For many years I was a real estate investor with 36 houses and 4 apartments. Actually, paying down mortgages was something I kinda’ did pretty well.

    I respectfully submit that if bad information is reported for 7 years, shouldn’t favorable be reported for 7 years? How about a box that can be checked “Give this guy a mortgage any time he wants it for the rest of his life.”

    We are sprucing up our house for downsizing as we are getting older. A small mortgage might be in our future, and I don’t want trouble with it.

    Your comments please.

  61. Jeff says:

    Our attorney general in Ohio Mike Dewine has a lawsuits against equifax. 60 minutes did an expose on the fact that your company is overseas and don’t investigate problems with individual credit bureaus and are not qualified and some can’t even speak English. How do I know things are reported correctly when I have proof from the company negative credit should come off from date of last activity, but your company reports different! Will Mike Dewine succeed with his lawsuit and when will you report things accurately? I pay for credit monitoring service with your company and I would like these questions answered before I renew my membership!

    • EFX Moderator says:


      Our goal is for all credit reports to reflect the most accurate and current information. For that to happen, all parties — data furnishers, consumers, government agencies, regulators, and the credit reporting agencies (CRAs) — need to work together.

      Equifax and the other CRAs are continually working to streamline the dispute process, and are collaborating with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to make it easier to correct inaccuracies and to significantly reduce dispute processing times. Currently, Equifax is typically able to resolve disputes in less than half the time mandated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which is 30 days. In addition, in an independent national study, 95 percent of consumers indicated they were satisfied with the dispute resolution process. But our goal is perfection and we will continue to strive to improve our service until we achieve that objective.

      • Nancy, Very Unhappy Ex-Patron to your Monthly Monitoring Service says:

        Jeff your answer is dishonest. I have been working with Jem and Frank at Equifax to remove an error from Discover Card who has already sent Equifax the proper electronic submission to remove the bad mark in February and May and it is now July. WAY PAST 30 day. On Wednesday, Frank told me that he would go ahead and remove the mark and rely on me to recontact Discover to have them resubmit the notice. I checked back yesterday and found where Frank did have me a new ALERT, Yay! Discover followed through! Then I opened it up and all it said was a change was made but when I opened my report, there was no change. I refreshed and logged out and logged back in but guess what Jeff? Equifax wanted me to pull an updated (my 3rd out of the 4 allowed yearly). So for my $14.95 monthly fee, if there is a discrepancy that Equifax has found and is assisting in removal, they will n provide the correction without counting it against you. Furthermore, it is way beyond a 30 day period!

  62. Nancy says:

    My credit score has been great until I signed on to the monitoring by Equifax then it dropped 30 points. Equifax has been denying that they have not received electronic submission by a debtor clarifying a bad report and they refuse to remove the mark off my credit. If you are paying the monthly payment for their credit watch program, you may need to give Equifax a trial run to see if they would indeed facilitate a correction to your credit report if there is a discrepancy. THEY WILL NOT RESOLVE THE ISSUE!
    I am warning everyone NOT to use their $14.95 a month SCAM!

  63. Si says:

    So, my other two scores are fine and everything is listed. I look at my Experian and it has no payment history for most of my credit cards. It has one derogatory for an account that i have paid on time except for one time. there is no other information on the other accounts. no paid on time, nothing. Is it the credit card company that needs to report to Experian, or does Experian just report the negative?

  64. Kim says:

    I am curious as to why Equifax doesn’t recognize that some consumers have both a home and a post office box.

    I get virtually all my bills at my PO Box, and this is the address that my lenders show. At the same time, I live in a house. BOTH addresses are current. Why can’t Equifax find a way to acknowledge this reality?

    Two and a half years since I first asked this question, my report still shows my house, in which I live now, as a “former” address. I’m disappointed that Equifax won’t correct this misinformation. I look forward to getting my report from Equifax’s competitors; perhaps they have found a way to be accurate in reporting the address of consumers who have both a home and a post office box.

    • EFX Moderator says:

      Kim, we would like to help you address your matter. Please submit your name/inquiry, along with your legal name, city/state & email address used for EFX registration, to equifaxsupport@facebook.com so that a Customer Support agent can respond to you directly.

  65. macartan1 says:

    my alerts say that my credit score now falls into a higher band of very good. The scores however do not reflect that. How long does that take?

  66. Natalie says:

    I am a victim of identity theft. Credit cards were fraudulantly opened in my name. They have been closed with the comment on my report, “lost or stolen” does this comment reflect identity theft and will it negatively impact my credit score? Thank you.

  67. Ms. V says:

    I would like to know where could I leave a comment on my credit report to explain why my credit is suddenly the way it is under conditions set forth, just to post what took place to cause this turn around so that my creditors will know exactly what happen.

    • EFX Moderator says:

      Ms. V, Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you have the right to attach a 100 or 200-word personal statement to your credit report. This statement will be included each time your credit file is accessed. You can add a statement to your Equifax credit report by sending your statement in writing to:
      Equifax Consumer Services LLC
      P.O. Box 740256
      Atlanta, GA 30374

  68. gerald s. says:

    when are dismissed chapter 13 bankruptcy removed from my Equifax credit report ?

  69. Fancymist says:

    How long does a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy stay on your credit report? Is it 7 years or 10 years?

  70. stephkayc says:

    Why dosent my mortgage show up on my Equifax credit report? It shows with Experian and Trans Union but not Wquifax….very odd.

  71. Anonymous says:

    I just signed up with Equifax credit and had a 764 point score. At Privacy Guard and Wells Fargo Bank and Bank of America my Equifax score is 646. Why is there a 120 point difference? All accounts are the same in my reports. Before I signed up with Equifax my score was lower and not that I have signed up for monitoring it jumped 100 points higher and remains the same on the other credit reporting bureaus? This is not right that the scores are soooooo different.

  72. infoludek ogloszenia says:

    elo all 🙂

  73. CuriousNOH says:

    Just wondering if its illegal for my ex husband to use my name after we are divorced?

  74. Kathleen says:

    I am trying to buy a house and have gone to Transunion and Experian and got my FICO scores (688-697), but when I check Equifax the score is approximately 30 points lower with basically the same information. Also, on this site it list all three of my scores and the Transunion and Experian scores on this site are listed 30 or so points lower than what is reported on their own site. Why is that? Why is Transunion and Experian scores within a few points on their website and such a drop on Equifax? Does Equifax use a different model for scoring?

  75. Red says:

    All of my scores are currently low and I just purchased a home in 2013. The score was very good to excellent at that time. I never did see a boost after purchasing and it still says there is no information or little information about a mortgage, two years later. I did make a lot of purchases and opened new credit cards, which helped to drive my balance down, but the strangest thing that happened is that one of the credit reporting agencies deleted historical credit information and it drove my credit score down by 200 points. This historical information is still contained in the other two credit reports, but the other one will not place it back. This happened over a year ago. I also disputed my mortgage early on because I was inquiring about the boost. It is two years later and I still have this message sitting on all of the agency’s credit reports and still no boost. How do I have it removed and why did I not receive a boost after purchasing a home. I am paying down my credit cards in large amounts, since they are constricting my score. How long before I see a change in my score? I want to purchase a new car, but I know the interest rate will be high if I try with my current scores. The differences in scores are anywhere between 50 – 100 points. It just doesn’t make sense. Please help? I wanted to purchase a new car this month.

  76. L. says:

    How long does it take for a disputed collection to be removed

  77. Sarah says:

    Hello I have an issue with a car dealership that has a bad reputation and I was unaware. My lease is not listening understand Equifax but they submit the vehicle payments for credit bureau trans union only. How do I make it so it’s on all my credit bureaus reports especially Equifax.so my credit can increase?

  78. SKulkar says:

    My credit history is new ,as i have started living in US from Past 7 months .I was denied credit saying information on my Credit report was not matched .I tried buying report and my credit card was charged ,However no report was generated and said authentication failed .Please suggest how to get my money back

  79. Anonymous says:

    one of the security questions said: you opened a mortgage in 2012 who is your lender…I don’t have a mortgage, so why was this asked. I answered none of the above lenders, which was the correct answer

    • EFX Moderator says:

      We would like to help you address your matter. Please submit your matter/inquiry, along with your legal name, city/state, & email address used for EFX registration, to equifaxsupport@facebook.com so that a Customer Support agent can respond to you directly.

  80. Anonymous says:

    I am curious to know that if I closed/took out my mortgage loan in August 2015 and my first payment is not due until October 2015, what is reported on my credit for the month of September 2015? Will it show reported as a D for no payment history available for the month of September, 0 for no payments past due for the month of September?

  81. Anonymous_VT says:

    There are a couple of autoloans in good standing that are not shown on my Equifax report yet the lender says they report to all 3 bureaus, how do I get these to show up?

  82. Anonymous says:

    I’m trying to file for SSI on the official government website. For some reason, the questionnaire for your credit reports keeps popping up. One of the first questions that was on it was about a mortgage loan taken out in my name in September of ’96, which is impossible, as I was 2 years old. Other questions include auto leases/loans taken out in 2011 and retail cards taken out in various years. The only things that should be on file are my medical debts and the bank card I took out in February of this year. Why is this affecting my chances of getting financial assistance from the government?

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